All Your Dental Care Needs Under One Facility

Preventative Care

Efficient preventative care is the key to having a healthy smile. Consistent checkups will allow our team to diagnose oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay before they spread and become a problem.

Restorative Work

Management of your teeth with fillings, root canals, and crown options with the goal of improving your dental health is our specialty.

Oral Surgery

We have the newest equipment and technology to take care of you in a safe and comfortable environment. Our services include wisdom teeth surgery also.


With our in-house lab, we can service your relines and repairs efficiently and affordably. Our denturist will plan and design your dentures for a custom fit and look.


Implants are used to replace one or more teeth or to stabilize a denture. These titanium wonders are the closest dentistry has come to providing patients with their 3rd set of teeth.


Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective method to make dental treatment anxiety-free. Let us help you decide which sedation option is best for you.

All on 4 Fixed Dentures:

This treatment gives patients the security and stability that denture wearers dream of. It is a groundbreaking procedure that is very effective.

Denturist Services

Concept Dental is proud to offer the denturist services of Szilard Zombor, D.D. He has 30 years of experience in creating beautiful smiles and literally changing patients’ lives from embarrassment and withdrawal to confident and outgoing.

He has an in-house dental lab at his disposal where he can serve the needs of our dental/denture patients, whether it’s a simple repair or a full smile makeover, all under one roof.

One of the many advantages to a denture patient having new dentures planned and created by our denturist really begins from the ground up. Szilard specializes in creating custom, patient-specific dentures, unique to each and every patient he sees.

Here are some of Szilard's services:

  • Planning and designing new dentures, specific to the needs and wants of the patient. He will often utilize pre-extraction photos provided by the patient to help re-create a long-lost smile.
  • New dentures are typically created in 5 or more appointments.
  • Szilard takes 2 sets of impressions, one set with specially designed "custom" trays created in his lab just for the patient's mouth contours.
  • Then a final impression using a specific, highly accurate impression material is used to form the underlying base of the patient's denture.
  • Once the foundation is formed, he begins the work on the structure, which is finding and establishing the patient's specific "bite" to which the denture teeth are designed.
  • Szilard then has a thorough and detailed discussion with the patient in choosing the shape, size, color, and arrangement of the denture teeth during this "bite registration” appointment.
  • The next appointment is a culmination of the 3 prior appointments in which the patient will actually be able to "try in” the wax base dentures with the prospective denture teeth set by Szilard.
    At this time, both the patient and Szilard will be able to look, feel, and examine the bite of the denture in the patient's mouth. A careful and thorough examination of the tooth position within the patient's bite and the esthetics of the dentures will be evaluated by Szilard.
    At this stage, input from the patient is an essential component of the success of the dentures from a look-and-feel perspective. The patient's feedback at this juncture is critical and this is when all changes are made prior to finishing the denture. Often, if Szilard feels that a patient is unsure or unable to decide if this new look is "for them,” he will send the patient home with the wax try-in to have the patient examine the wax dentures at home and have any family or friends give their input on the new dentures before they are completed in the permanent bases. This extra step ensures that Szilard’s patients get the smile they were looking for without the surprise "oh my gosh" comments from caring family or friends when they arrive home with their new smile.
  • Of course, the last appointment is the final delivery of the new dentures. Szilard completes them with a beautiful polish and finish, ensuring maximum stain resistance. Some minor adjustments may be needed at this time. Szilard will review denture care, maintenance, and expectations with you as well.
  • All post-delivery adjustments are taken care of by Szilard so his patients have an easy transition with their new smile.

Partial Denture Services

In addition to full dentures, Szilard also fits patients with partial dentures. Partial dentures are made for patients who may be missing some, but not all, of their natural teeth. These circumstances are often complex and challenging.

Szilard has many different options for restoring smiles with partial dentures, depending on the patient's specific needs
and circumstances.

Partial dentures are basically made from 2 types of materials: denture acrylic or a type of dental-grade metal or a combination of the two.

Acrylic partials are often referred to as "flippers” or "temporary or transitional partials" as these are typically made to be a "stop-gap" or temporary solution until a permanent restoration is completed for a particular patient.

An example would be if a patient loses a front upper tooth and needs a flipper partial to replace it until either a new fixed bridge or implant crown would replace the flipper. This way, the patient does not have the embarrassment of being without a front tooth while undergoing more permanent treatment, which may take months or years, depending on the individual’s
dental circumstance.

Concept Dental

A more permanent partial is a cast metal partial. These are generally made from a cast chromium cobalt metal substructure in combination with denture teeth acrylic. In some circumstances for patients with allergies, the substructure metal can be changed to either a gold alloy or titanium base.

The fabrication of the partials are made in a similar path to those with full dentures, and a wax try-in appointment is included to ensure a perfect color and shape match to the remaining natural teeth, ensuring maximum dental privacy.

Denture Relines and Repairs

Szilard can reline or refit your existing dentures on the same day. Relines are the process in which an impression is made inside your existing denture (partial or complete) to form a new intimate fit to your gums. Szilard's patients have minimal time without their dentures when having relines completed. Unlike many other dental offices that need to send the reline out to a lab, Concept Dental has an in-house lab, allowing the reline to be completed within a few hours.

One of the simplest and most valuable services Szilard offers is a same-day denture repair. When a denture is broken and needs repair, Concept Dental's in-house dental lab can handle the majority of repairs on the same day and often  while you wait.

Sedation Dentistry

Concept Dental is pleased to be able to offer our patients the option of sedation dentistry. We often have fearful, anxiety-ridden patients who quite frankly do not like the sights, sound, or smells associated with their dental visits.

Sedation dentistry is a safe, effective method in which our dentist, Dr. Taylor Berry, can make our patient's dental treatment anxiety-free.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way in which many of our "fearful” patients can eliminate the stress of their dental treatment. Our dentist, Dr. Taylor Berry has several methods in which he will be able to sedate his patients including oral medication, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. He will thoroughly discuss which sedation option will be ideal for your particular circumstance.

Is Sedation right for me?

Sedation dentistry is a viable choice for any patient who chooses an anxiety-free dental appointment. Many patients choose this method for these reasons:

  • Fearful of the dentist
  • Previous dental experience was negative
  • Patients who have difficulty with sights, sounds, and smells of their dental treatment
  • Having difficulty getting numb
  • Need/want extensive dental treatment with limited appointments
  • Have a bad gag reflex
  • Patients who fear needles and shots
What does sedation dentistry feel like?

Patients often describe that they don’t remember anything with respect to their dental appointment, sort of a selective "dental amnesia." Many patients describe it as a "dream experience."

What happens after my appointment?

Our dentist will keep you in the office until he feels you are ready to go home. You will be tired and your driver (usually a family member or friend) will then take you home to relax. Due to the effects of your sedation medication, you will not be allowed to drive.

You may still feel the effects of the medication and possibly sleep the rest of the day away. An adult will need to remain with you until the medication wears off. The next day will be a normal one with little or no memory of your previous day’s dental treatment.

Is this safe?

Dr. Berry is highly trained and experienced in this dental specialty. He has additional training and credentials to allow practicing sedation dentistry. Our patient's vitals are monitored closely by the dentist throughout the dental appointment and therefore is extremely safe and is an effective choice for many of our patients.

To learn more about sedation dentistry from Concept Dental, please call (425) 697-3907 and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Concept Dental

Mini Dental Implant Stabilization System

Concept Dental Offers Mini Dental Implant (MDI) Stabilization System Imagine this!

Visiting Concept Dental in the morning, have mini implants placed in less than 2 hours. That afternoon, eating a light, comfortable meal, having a pleasant conversation, laughing and speaking with confidence. Your denture feels secure and is being held firmly in place.

All of this is available with MDIs placed at Concept Dental.